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We leverage our expertise with our global supply base to offer opportunities in business channels in which we focus our expertise and resources.

Working with Global Innovations can eliminate many challenges and risks in these marketplaces. We can assist your business to strengthen its supply chain and in turn its sales and customer relations at the same time.

From our experience; customers need their suppliers to be more active in helping them to achieve their business outcomes. They want suppliers to act as business partners. Getting the balance right between customer and suppliers requires an expertise and understanding of global business landscape in these market channels Ultimately this drives a culture of collaboration that Global works relentlessly to deliver to is customers and suppliers that enables both to achieve their most important business goals.

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Petroleum Products

The word Petroleum is derived from two words “Petra” meaning rock and “Oleum” meaning oil.

Wholesale Frozen Chicken, Beef & Pork

As a wholesale commodity trader, Global Innovations also specializes in chicken, beef and pork.

Sugar - ICUMSA 45

Setting the standard which other types of sugar are measured against, ICUMSA 45 sugar is the world’s leading consumer sugar.


The fact is, not all coffee is created equal! It is said that blending and roasting coffee is an art. It is also said some art is liked better than others.